Issue: 2022- Volume: 4 Issue: 4 :


Year : 2022 – Volume: 4 Issue: 4


Research Article

Comparative Study Of Anthropometric Parameters, Renal Markers, Lactate Dehydrogenase And Spo2 In Meconium Aspiration Syndrome Patients And Normal Control Subjects

Dhirajmahaseth, Savitarathore, Bijay Kumar Mahaseth, M. Anil Kumar, Ashish Kumar Sharma, Ranjan Kumar Dixit, Mohdajmal

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Research Article

A Study Of Clinical Spectrum And Hematological Profile Of Megaloblastic Anemia Among Children In A Tertiary Care Centre

A. G. Krupasagari, Sreenivaskotla, Cherukurinirmala, Malavaranjeet, Usha Rani T

Page No: 4-8 | Full Text


Research Article

Renal Failure In Multiple Myeloma: The Role Of Plasmapheresis And Chemotherapy On Reversibility And Prognosis – A Single Center Experience From India

Vinay Kumar Badri, Praveen R Badri, Amit Gupta

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Research Article

A Prospective Study To Evaluate The Post-Surgical Outcome Of Emergency Surgery And Conservative Management With Interval Appendectomy

Vijay Shankar, Ram Ranjan Singh

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Research Article

Assessment Of Effects Of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Hysterectomy And Appendectomy On Nosocomial Infection Risks

Sushilbhogawar, Mayurbandawar, Priyankapachauri, Radhikakannawar

Page No: 23-25 | Full Text


Research Article

A Clinico-Radiological Study Of Traumatic Fractures Of The Nose, The Paranasal Sinuses And The Zygomatic Bone In A Tertiary Care Centre

Songkhongamdimngel, Monica Karam, Nameirakpamdevakanta Singh, Akoijambabieanand

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Research Article

Correlation Of Immunosuppression And Mucocutaneous Manifestations Among Patients With Hiv Infection- A Hospital-Based Study From East India

B Swagat Kumar Subudhi, Subodha Kumar Patjoshi, Utkalnaik, Sibasishpatro

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Research Article

A Prospective Study On Placental Location During 18-24 Weeks Of Gestation And Its Pregnancy Outcome

Anisa Begum, Anuradhajalem, N. Soumya

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Research Article

Research Article

A Comparative Study Of Quality Of Life In Patients Suffering With Schizophrenia And Bipolar Affective Disorder In A Tertiary Care Centre At Visakhapatnam

Vanapallivara Prasad, Rufus Ephraim Yelamanchi, Chodagirivamsi Krishna

Page No: 51-57 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparison Of Arterial Oxygen Saturation Level Amongst Pregnant And Non-Pregnant Women

Abdul Rahman Hasan, Mir Abdul Munif, Gauharhussain, Rajeev Kumar

Page No: 58-60 | Full Text


Research Article

Effect Of Intravenous Clonidine Premedication On Haemodynamic Fluctuations During Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Amit Kumar Prasad, Swaranbhalla, Ajay Singhal, Radha Gupta, P. C. Prasad, Ishwar Singh

Page No: 61-67 | Full Text


Research Article

Correlation Of Clinical Effect Of Tsh On Lipid Profile In Subclinical Hypothyroidism Subjects

Abdul Rahman Hasan, Panna Mishra, Rajeev Kumar, Gauharhussain

Page No: 68-70 | Full Text


Research Article

A Prospective Study On Primary Postpartum Haemorrhage In Tertiary Care Centre Over A Period Of 2 Years

Shashijyothsnaparlapally, P Rajitha, S. Padma, Rasagnadeshmukh

Page No: 76-80 | Full Text


Research Article

A Study Of Non-Specific 1 Antigen And Igm/Igg Antibody Immunochromatography Test With Elisa For The Early Detection Of Dengue In The Suburbs Of Indore, Madhya Pradesh

P. Veerendra Kumar Reddy, Ramanath K, Surendra Prasad Chauhan, Bijay Kumar Mahaseth

Page No: 81-84 | Full Text


Research Article

Outcome Of Isolated Absent Fetal Nasal Bone And Its Association With Aneuploidy

Mandakinikeesara, Madhavilatharouthu, Pilli Srujana, Madhavithatipamula

Page No: 92-96 | Full Text


Research Article

Adhesive Capsulitis Of The Shoulder – Plain Mri Findings: A Case Series And Review Of The Literature

Aneesh M M, Bipin Augustine Joseph, Navab M, Vipin Krishnan K V

Page No: 97-101 | Full Text


Research Article

Research Article

A Prospective Study To Evaluate And Diagnose With Ocular Involvement In Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ramakant Thakur, Rajeev Kumar

Page No: 106-108 | Full Text


Research Article

Assessment Of Functional Outcomes In Head And Neck Cancer Patients

Mohit Bhatnagar, Pawan Kumar Saini

Page No: 109-113 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Various Papulosquamous Disorders And Their Dermoscopy In Children At A Tertiary Hospital

B Sushmalatha

Page No: 114-117 | Full Text


Research Article

Clinical Profile Of Hypertensive Crisis Patients At Rural Medical College Hospital

Manojkumar BK, Jithin Raj P, Gavishiddeshvishwanathronad, Raghu G

Page No: 118-121 | Full Text


Research Article

Internal Fixation Of Fractures Of Shaft Of The Humerus With Dynamic Compression Plate Or Interlocking Nail: A Prospective Comparative Study

Fahad Bin Hamid, Gurminder Singh Bedi, Shardaindu Sharma, Farah Ahmed

Page No: 127-132 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparing The Efficacy Of Forearm And Upper Arm Tourniquet With Intravenous Regional Anesthesia, For Intraoperative Analgesia And Post Operative Pain – A Prospective Study

Himanshushekhar, Dhananjay Kumar Suman, Jyotipriya, Vijayendra Prasad

Page No: 133-135 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparative Analysis Between Eras And Conventional Care In Elective Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Sushilbhogawar, Ashok Kumar Singh, Nitin Kumar Rastogi, Subodhugane

Page No: 136-138 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Safety And Outcome Of Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy At A Tertiary Hospital

Kulkarni P M

Page No: 139-142 | Full Text


Research Article

A Study On Prognostic Value Of Serum Ferritin, Serum Vitamin D And C Reactive Protein Levels In Paediatric Sepsis

Kota Kavithavani, Sharadamunagavalasa, K. Bhargavi, P. Sujatha, A. Sujatha Rani

Page No: 143-149 | Full Text


Research Article

Perinatal Outcome In Twin Pregnancy According To Chorionicity

Pilli Rajitha, Vanitha CH, V. Aruna Devi

Page No: 150-155 | Full Text


Research Article

A Study Of Clinical And Pathological Risk Factors In Carcinoma Breast And Its Correlation To Response To Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy In A Tertiary Cancer Institute

Sowjanyakondru, Sandhya Rani Nippani, Parimkayalaradhika, Nanuvala Prathyusha, Ranganatha Rao Srikanth

Page No: 156-161 | Full Text


Research Article

Study On Essential Obstetric Care Among Mothers Of Children Aged 6 Weeks To 6 Months In Urban Slums Of Hyderabad

N Uma Sundari, Chandra Sekhar B, Bayappa Reddy N, Padmasri Y

Page No: 162-171 | Full Text


Research Article

Morbidity And Mortality Pattern Of Late Preterm Neonates Admitted In A Tertiary Care Centre

Ramshabaig, Raginimutukulla, Raghavapolanki, Srinivaskalyani

Page No: 172-180 | Full Text


Research Article

Assessment Of Antioxidant Status In Cerebral Stroke: A Prospective Study In Bhilai, Chhattisgarh

Simlaisankha, Jophershiteez, Agrawal Pratishtha, Agnihotri. A Madhuri

Page No: 189-193 | Full Text


Research Article

Thyroid Nodule Malignancy By Ultrasound Findings In A Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

Manish Yadav, Nikhil Yadav

Page No: 194-197 | Full Text


Research Article

Evaluation Of The Prevalence & Atherogenic Index And The Pattern Of Dyslipidemia In Diabetic Patients In A Tertiary Care Centre In Western Odisha, India

Basila V, Neelam. B. Tirkey, Shehin M, Jyotsnakiro

Page No: 198-202 | Full Text


Research Article

Evaluation Of Severity Of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Using Thrombocytopenia As A Prognostic Indicator And Its Correlation With Maternal And Fetal Outcome

B Aparna, V Suvarna, M. Balasaraswathi, Abhinayachengala

Page No: 203-210 | Full Text


Research Article

The Bethesda System Evaluation Of Thyroid Fine-Needle Aspiration For Reporting Cytopathology And Its Histopathologic Follow-Up

Ipsita Pradhan, Kamalinibepari, Swetalina Pandey, Alakasahu

Page No: 211-216 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparison Of Two Different Volumes Of Fixed Concentration Of Ropivacaine In Usg Guided Interscalene Block For Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgeries

Sangeeta Khanna, Jyoti Joshi, Saurabhsud, Krishna Prasad G V

Page No: 217-222 | Full Text


Research Article

Incidence Of Tumour And Tumour Like Lesions Of Bone With Respect To Age, Sex And Site In And Around Kanpur

Swaraj Sharma, Mohdfahimuddin, Arpita Singh, Somyagoyal

Page No: 223-227 | Full Text


Research Article

Research Article

A Morphometric Study To Evaluate The Structural Difference In The Dimension Of Foramen Magnum Amongst Gender

Virwar Kumar Jha, Nafees Fatima, Saif Omar, Pramitakumari

Page No: 232-234 | Full Text


Research Article

Evaluation Of Bacterial Profile And Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern For Urinary Tract Infection In Pregnancy

Mahadeomandal, Md. Shahnawaj Mehdi, Prakash Kumar Mishra

Page No: 235-237 | Full Text


Research Article

A Study Of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding In Chronic Liver Disease

Sabu Augustine, Denis Koshy, Navein Thomas John, Pradeep N, Amith N

Page No: 238-243 | Full Text


Research Article

Functional Outcome Of Osteoarthritis Knee Treated With Proximal Fibular Osteotomy

Teenuchandheeshkotla, Sandeep Kumar A, Bharghav Y

Page No: 244-249 | Full Text


Research Article

Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH) – An Experience In A Tertiary Care Center In Women’s Medical College In Andhra Pradesh

Malathijonna, Akhila B, Shruthibhatiya

Page No: 250-254 | Full Text


Research Article

To Evaluate The Efficacy Of Corneal Collagen Cross- Linking With Riboflavin In Keratoconus

B. Anand Kumar, G.K. Deepak Kumar Reddy, Syed Saifuddinadeel

Page No: 255-263 | Full Text


Research Article

Study On Various Patterns Of Profunda Femoris Artery And Its Branches

Chaitanya Krishna Murthy, Azramubeenkarnul, Alex Bhanu

Page No: 264-269 | Full Text


Research Article

A Prospective Study To Assess Mortality And Outcomes In A Pediatric Emergency Department Of A Tertiary Care Hospital Using The Clinical Scoring System “Toprs”

Mohammad Imad Ali Musaib, Sreenivaskotla, Ranjeetmalava, Vinod Kumar Mandala, Ajay Mohan Varahala

Page No: 270-274 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Clinical Profile Of Patients With Hepatitis B Coinfection In Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected Patients

Ashwini BR, Princy, Manoj10.47009/jamp.2022.4.4.53

Page No: 275-278 | Full Text


Research Article

Clinical Characteristics, Risk Factors And Outcome Of Pediatric Covid-19 In A Tertiary Care Institute, Northeast India

Rajkumarirupabati Devi, H. Kullabidhu Singh, Ruthiremei

Page No: 279-284 | Full Text


Research Article

Evaluation Of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss In Women Of Bihar

Kalyani Singh

Page No: 285-287 | Full Text


Research Article

Evaluation Of Effect Of Deviated Nasal Septum On Mean Platelet Volume In A Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

Karuna Sangwan, Rajat Gupta, Gitika, Bindia

Page No: 288-291 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparison Between Ultrasonography And Md Ct In Evaluation Of Ovarian Masses With Histopathological Correlation

Sachin Lingaraju, Sampat Kumar, Roopadevi Valmiki, Amith Anjaneya

Page No: 292-295 | Full Text


Research Article

Incidence And Outcome Of Acute Kidney Injury In Children Admitted In Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Harsha, Gonesh N Mevundi

Page No: 296-299 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparison Of Analgesia Between Neostigmine And Tramadol Added As Adjunct To 0.125 % Bupivacaine In Postoperative Epidural Analgesia For Below Umblical Surgeries

Vajahat Mohd Khan, Anuradha Dubey, Anuj Dubey, Chandra Shekhar Mishra, Nivedika Kumbhare, Yash Jain, Manish Shivani

Page No: 300-303 | Full Text


Research Article

Research Article

Clinico-Epidemiological Profile Of Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions At Rural Tertiary Care Centre

Wagh Anamika G, Indurkar Vishal A, Khadamkar Kailas S

Page No: 309-313 | Full Text


Research Article

Research Article

Prospective Study On Factors Associated With Relapse In Alcohol Use Disorder

Ashitha M.L, Thalhath Paloli, Sharon Thomas, Arati Suseelan

Page No: 324-333 | Full Text


Research Article

Methods For Comparing The Effectiveness Of Misoprostol With Oxytocin Against Oxytocin Alone In Avoiding Postpartum Bleeding

Lalan Kumar Mahato, Sanjay Nayak, Kumar Devashish, Abhay John, Arshad Hasan, Sambhu Nath Mehtha

Page No: 334-337 | Full Text


Research Article

Prevalence Of Type Ii Diabetes Mellitus Among Adults Of Urban Area In Bareilly

Rahul Chandra, Piyush Gupta, Rakesh Kumar Chakrawarty, Shipra Tiwari, Pratima Chakrawarty

Page No: 338-342 | Full Text


Research Article

Resurgence Of Diphtheria At A Tertiary Care Centre, Our Experience Of 417 Patients: A Retrospective Study From Rural Haryana

Garima Yadav, Mayank Yadav, Tanmayee Jataniya, Raj Tajamul Hussain, Sulabha M Naik

Page No: 343-347 | Full Text


Research Article

Insight In The Patients Of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, A Cross Sectional Study

Tanuj Verma, Vaibhav Kumar Srivastava, Shrutika Srivastava, Pritika Srivastava

Page No: 348-351 | Full Text


Research Article

Dermatoglyphic Study: A Comparison In Finger Tips Of Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients And Normal Persons

Deepanshu Shukla, Vineeta Tewari, Mohd. Tabrej Alam

Page No: 352-356 | Full Text


Research Article

Recent Advances In Endovascular Management Of Cerebral Aneurysms

Mohana Sasank Deevi

Page No: 357-363 | Full Text


Research Article

Clinical Characteristics And Outcomes In Pediatric Patients Diagnosed With Covid- 19 In A Tertiary Care Hospital: A Retrospective Cohort Study.

Balasaheb B. Suroshe, Kishor G. Rathod, Mohd. Ubaid ur Rahman Mohd. Azam, Sandipbhai J. Patel

Page No: 364-369 | Full Text


Research Article

Bacterial Etiology And Antibiogram Of Surgical Wound Infection At A Tertiary Care Hospital, Western India

Kirti Malpekar, Lakshita Menaria, Kishore Bisure

Page No: 370-374 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Diabetic Neuropathy In Maharashtra Population

Sayyed Sammiyodhin Gous

Page No: 375-378 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy In Open Tibial Fractures In Andhra Population

Medisetty Vinod Kumar

Page No: 379-381 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparison Of Wrist And Forehead Temperature Measurements As Screening Methods During The Covid-19 Pandemic

V Kanchana, S Boopathi, Mathangi Murali, Sanathanan N RS

Page No: 382-384 | Full Text


Research Article

Clinical, Histological And Cytological Study Of Urothelial Neoplasms Of Urinary Bladder

Siyad P.M, Rajesh Kumar, Jayasree K, Jayaraman MB, V.V. Kamala

Page No: 385-389 | Full Text


Research Article

Serum Prolactin As A Marker Of Severity Of Hepatic Encephalopathy In Cirrhosis

M.Sai Ramani, Sandhya Rani Yangala, Pavani Ramya Pilli

Page No: 390-396 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Cephalo-Facial Indices Among 600 Haryanvi Adults

Mahesh Kumar

Page No: 397-399 | Full Text


Research Article

A Prospective Studye Of Evaluation & Management Of Acute Scrotal Swellings In Rural South India

Prem Kumar Battina, Punitha Thetraravu Oli. M, M Ravindra Reddy, Abraham Mathew

Page No: 400-405 | Full Text


Research Article

An Observational Assessment Of Visual Outcome In Blunt Ocular Trauma

Ajay M. Tammewar, Pooja D. Waghmare, Anjali P. Kapase, Praful J. Chaudhary, Sheetal A. Divate

Page No: 406-411 | Full Text


Research Article

A Comparative Evaluation Of Haemodynamic And Capnographic Changes In Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy And Open Cholecystectomy

Anu Arvind, Nidhi Gaur, Azka Zuberi

Page No: 412-415 | Full Text


Research Article

An Observational Study, Impact Of Tuberculosis On Covid-19 Disease And Its Effect On Severity

Virendra Singh, Shanu, Sudhanshu Sant, Rahul Bhargava, S. Kumar

Page No: 416-420 | Full Text


Research Article

A Clinico-Etiological And Antibiotic Sensitivity Profile Of Micu Infections, At A Suburban Tertiary Care Hospital, Western India

Kirti Malpekar, Shruti Sabne, Minal Kusulkar, Neelam Redkar

Page No: 421-425 | Full Text


Research Article

A Study To Compare The Changes On Haematological Parameters In Obese Male And Female Subjects With And Without Insulin Resistance

Anant Prakash Pandey, Sharan B Singh M, Vinay Singh, N Mallikarjuna Reddy

Page No: 426-429 | Full Text


Research Article

Assessment Of Utility Of The One-Time Hacor Score As A Predictor Of Weaning Failure From Mechanical Ventilation

Vivek Vaibhav, Shiv Kumar Singh, Nikhil Vaid, Trisha Jaiswal, Vivek Ranjan

Page No: 430-433 | Full Text


Research Article

Assessment Of Surgical Treatment For Incidental Gallbladder Carcinoma Diagnosed After Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Ashok Kumar Singh, Nitin Kumar Rastogi, Harsh Bhati, Ankur Singh, NK Singh

Page No: 434-437 | Full Text


Research Article

Compare The Efficacy Between Underwater Bubble Cpap And Ventilator Derived Cpap Among Very Low Birth Weight Babies With Respiratory Distress Requiring CPAP

Mukesh Babu Yadav, Pramod Kumar Singh Yadav, Pooja Chaudhary, Raj Kamal Singh, Samarjeet Kaur

Page No: 438-442 | Full Text


Research Article

Morphological And Morphometrical Study Of Sacral Hiatus In Male And Female Sacrum Of South Indian Population

Vanajakshi Bothsa, Naresh Thaduri

Page No: 443-448 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparative Study Of Various Topical And Surgical Treatment Modalities In Keloid

T. Usha Rani, V.K. Shanker, Satyapal Vengareddy, Mohan Krishna Reddy Thotli, Angidi Sushrutha, M. Makarand

Page No: 449-457 | Full Text


Research Article

Imaging Features Of Rhino-Orbito-Cerebral Mucormycosis In Postcovid-19 Patients

Swapna Chouhan, Priyanka Gudala, Yudumala Laxshmi Shreya

Page No: 462-470 | Full Text


Research Article

Complications And Outcome Of Anorectal Malformation Fallowing Psarp (Posterior Sagittal Ano Rectoplasty) Procedure: A Retrospective Study From Single Institution

Vijayamahantesh. S. Kunnur, Shantala G, Anil Kumar S K

Page No: 471-474 | Full Text


Research Article

Research Article

A Study On Thyroid Function In Children With Nephrotic Syndrome

Muppalla Nithya, Ramsha Baig, Ravula Chaitanya Jyothi, Ragini Mutukulla, Anam Mahmood, G. Preeti

Page No: 484-488 | Full Text


Research Article

Prevalence And Outcome Of Preterm Premature Rupture Of Membrane (PPROM) In Pregnancy

Madhushree Sahoo, Om Avishek Das, Richa Rozalin Gandhi, Sambedana Panigrahi

Page No: 489-493 | Full Text


Research Article

Etiopathogenesis Of Eccentric Proptosis In People Of Sourthern Odisha

Chitrasen Baskey, Lalit Mohan Sikka, Sanjeev Satpathy

Page No: 494-497 | Full Text


Research Article

A Comparative Study Of Outcomes For Correction Of Cubitus Varus Deformity By Dome Osteotomy Versus Modified French Osteotomy

Hiranmay Deb, Kanchan Kumar Sabui, Sanjoy Hait, Michael Hira

Page No: 498-501 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparative Study Of Heart Rate Variability Parameters With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus With Healthy Individuals

Raghavendra Mural, Naveena Brid, Prabhayya Prabhuswamimath, Veerabhadrappa Kuppast

Page No: 502-506 | Full Text


Research Article

Evaluate The Outcomes Of Intrauterine Copper Device Cut380a As Post-Partum IUCD

Om Avishek Das, Madhushree Sahoo, Sambedana Panigrahi, Richa Rozalin Gandhi, Bandita Dash

Page No: 507-511 | Full Text


Research Article

A Study On Accuracy Of Lelli’s Test Vs Lachman Test With Respect To Arthroscopic Findings In Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

Debangan Dhar, Debojyoti Mukherjee, Sandip Ghosh

Page No: 512-516 | Full Text


Research Article

A Study On Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Contact Lenses In Young Adults Attending OPD In A Tertiary Care Hospital

Saba Faruqui, Rahul Jain, Akshay Harne, Swati Singh, Poorva Shrivastava, Rahul Agarwal

Page No: 517-522 | Full Text


Research Article

A Study On The Factors Determining The Ease Of Subarachnoid Block In Pregnant Patients In A Tertiary Care Centre

Sarita Chandapet, Gautamabuddha P., A Anitha

Page No: 523-529 | Full Text


Research Article

Estimation Of Stature From Ulnar Bone: A Cross-Sectional Study On Fifty-Six Males In Indian Population

Abid Ali, Vimal modi, Pawan kumar Mahato

Page No: 530-533 | Full Text


Research Article

Prevalence Of Psychiatric Illnesses Among Patients With Hensen’s Disease- A Study In Tertiary Health Care In Odisha

Ananta Charan Meher, Sibasish Patro, Sanjrev Supakar, Purna Chandra Pradhan

Page No: 534-537 | Full Text


Research Article

A Retrospective Study On Predictors Of Trial Of Labour In One Previous Lower Segment Caesarean Section At Our Tertiary Care Centre

Adigoppula Mounika, Garuda Lakshmi, A Anitha

Page No: 538-543 | Full Text


Research Article

Study To Assess The Reasons For Covid-19 Vaccination Refusal By Health Care Workers Of L3 Level Hospital

Sharique Ahmad, Dilshad Ali Rizvi, Siddhartha Chandel, Silky Rai, Shamil C.B, Kuldeep Singh

Page No: 544-549 | Full Text


Research Article

Efficacy Of 0.25% Ropivacaine Vs 0.25% Bupivacaine In Transversus Abdominis Plane Block For Analgesia Post Caesarean Section

Vishnubhatla Sravani, Krishna Chaitanya Bevara, Inturi Srikanth, Dadichiluka Veera Gouri Sankara Rao, K. Venkateswara Rao

Page No: 550-555 | Full Text


Research Article

Monitoring Of Platelet Count And Their Indices In Neonatal Sepsis In Relation To Specific Organisms

Gonesh N Mevundi, Harsha

Page No: 556-559 | Full Text


Research Article

Use Of Jigsaw Technique As A Teaching Learning Method For Undergraduate MBBS Students In Department Of Community Medicine

Mohammad Intekhab Alam Chand, Shahin, Mukesh Nandan, Shahid Iqbal

Page No: 560-564 | Full Text


Research Article

A Cross Sectional Study On The Correlation Between Cord Blood Haemoglobin In Relation To Maternal Anaemia

V. Sridevi, K. Srujana

Page No: 565-570 | Full Text


Research Article

Prevalence And Determinants Of Chronic Genitourinary Conditions Among Older Men In India

Hemanta Kumar Sahoo, Sunil Kumar Habada, Akshaya Kumar Sethy, Sandeep Kumar Tripathy

Page No: 571-576 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Biochemical Markers Of Covid-19 In Western Punjab

Shah Aiman, Sanjeev Kumar Singla, Rakendra Singh

Page No: 577-583 | Full Text


Research Article

Protective Effect Of Astaxanthin Against Lps-Induced Oral And Nasal Mucosal Damage

Yücel Kurt, Özlem Özmen

Page No: 584-589 | Full Text


Research Article

Evaluation Of Quality Of Medical Education Services By Students’ Perception Based On Servqual Model: A Cross Sectional Study In Maharashtra, India

Jyoti Gaikwad, Varsha Bande, Lalita Nikam, Mayuri Ghorpade

Page No: 590-595 | Full Text


Research Article

Gender Identification In A Cross-Sectional Study Using The Linear Horizontal Length And Mid-Length Diameter Of Clavicle In Indian Population

K. Sangeeta, Vimal Modi, Pawan kumar Mahato

Page No: 596-599 | Full Text


Research Article

Analysis Of Results Of Arthroscopy Assisted Management Of Tibial Plateau Fractures

Nagendra Babu, Ramavath Arjun Naik, L. Madhu, Moola Sohith Mahadeva Reddy

Page No: 600-603 | Full Text


Research Article

To Study The Usefulness Of Hysteroscopy In Evaluating Aub In Reproductive Age Group

V. Sridevi, K. Srujana

Page No: 604-608 | Full Text


Research Article

Research Article

A Prospective Study On The Evaluation Of Serum Prolactin Levels In Chronic Kidney Disease Patients And Its Correlation With The Risk Of Coronary Artery Disease

Natarajan M, Palanikumaran V, Vasantha Kalyani D, Elangovan S, Suresh Kumar M

Page No: 613-616 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Role Of Conservative Management In Splenic Injury In Blunt Trauma Abdomen

S.S.N. Moulika, Sunitha Dharavathu

Page No: 617-621 | Full Text


Research Article

Bacteriological Profile In Diabetic Foot Infections

Shruthi N, Ramesha KT

Page No: 622-626 | Full Text


Research Article

Clinical Study On Maternal And Fetaloutcome In Abruptio Placentae

R. Srividya, Sindhuri Chennapatni, Ode Bindu

Page No: 627-633 | Full Text


Research Article

Evaluation Of Transverse Cerebellar Diameter/ Abdominal Circumference Ratio- In Assessing Fetal Growth Restriction

R Srividya, Karne Himavarshini, Manjula Pathri

Page No: 634-639 | Full Text


Research Article

A Biomechanical Study Comparing Crossed K-Wires And Intramedullary Headless Screw Fixation Of Unstable Metacarpal Neck Fractures

Siddharth Trivedi, Lalit Kumar, Anil Singh

Page No: 640-643 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Lactate Dehydrogenase (Ldh) And Other Biochemical Parameters In Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria In Tertiary Care Center Odisha

Ganeswar Tudu, Harish Kumar Uraon, Jyotsna Kiro, Neelam. B. Tirkey

Page No: 644-647 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Clinical Features Of Rickettsial Fever In Pediatric Age Group

Varun B Kusagur, Manasa K B

Page No: 648-651 | Full Text


Research Article

Research Article

Hypercarbia Induced Oxygenation Or Oxygen Induced Hypercarbia

Richa Lohani, Bhavna Gupta, Gaurav Jain

Page No: 662-663 | Full Text


Research Article

Retrospective Study Of Acute Mi In Young Patients In Tertiary Care Hospital

Umashankar R, Kanmani P, Sankar A

Page No: 669-672 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Morbidity Pattern And Utilisation Of Health Services In A Sub-Centre Area In Udupi Taluk

Shankar S, Ashwini Kumar, George P Jacob, Sharvanan E

Page No: 673-677 | Full Text


Research Article

Hesitancy For Vaccines Against Corona Virus Disease In Northern India: A Cross-Sectional Study

Chintu Chaudhary, Shubham Girdhar, Varinder Singh, Bhupinder Kaur Anand, Parmal Singh, Firoza Bano

Page No: 678-683 | Full Text


Research Article

Association Between Hypertensive Disorders Of Pregnancy And Maternal Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Levels-A Case Control Study

LishaGovind K.V,Geethanjali R, ChellammaV.K, Abhilash Antony U

Page No: 684-687 | Full Text


Research Article

Demographic Characteristics And Bacterial Flora Of Necrotising Fasciitis: A Tertiary Care Centre Experience

Shivani Sinha, Alok Ranjan, Bhavesh Khandelwal, Atul Kumar, Neelam R Charles

Page No: 688-691 | Full Text


Research Article

Histopathological Study Of Salivary Gland Neoplasms – A Retrospective Study

V. Sai Abhishek, P.V. Kala Chandra Sekhar, Nugala Sindhura, T. Rayapa Reddy, A. Vasavi, Annu mareena George

Page No: 692-695 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Clinical And Microbiological Profile In Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis In Karnataka Population

T. S Kiran

Page No: 696-699 | Full Text


Research Article

Clinicohaematological Profile Of Mild Dengue Fever In Pediatric Population Of Kannauj District And Adjoining Area

Priyanka Arya, Kailash Chandra Soni, Narendra Singh, Bhavana Tiwari, Ankita Verma, Sachin Chaudhary

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Research Article

Study Of Computed Tomography Scan In The Assessment Of Subacute Intestinal Obstruction

Kakumanu Mounika Reddy, K. Swathi, Archana R

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Research Article


Ratnesh Kumar, Narendra Nath Das, Arpita Saxena

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Research Article


Ratnesh Kumar, Arpita Saxena, Narendra Nath Das

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Research Article


Ch. Deepthi Prasad, B. Jyothi

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Research Article


Neelam Sharma, Devinder Kumar

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Research Article


Huidrom Manimohon Singh, Laimayum Romesh Sharma, Mayanglambam Bijoy, Karam Romeo

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