Issue: 2022- Volume: 4 Issue: 3 :


Year : 2022 – Volume: 4 Issue: 3


Research Article

Anaesthetic Management Of A Postpartum Patient With Spontaneous Subdural Haematoma Due To Possible HELLP Syndrome: A Case Report

Kishori Saikia, Neha Srivastava, Indira, Monika Madhurima

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Research Article

Quality Of Sleep Assessment In Master Health Check- Up Patients Using Pirs-20 Scale

S. Boopathi, P Kasi Krishna Raja, Senthil Sayinathan Balasubramaniam, P.K. Sanjaikrishna

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Research Article

Assessment Of Prevalence Of Viral Aetiological Agents In Cases Of Encephalitis Admitted To A Tertiary Care Hospital Of Northeast India

Arunjyoti Sarmah, Mithu Medhi, Pallabi Sargiary, Lahari Saikia

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Research Article

Clinical Study Of Surge Of Mucormycosis In Covid-19 Pandemic: A Tertiary Care Center Study

Ravi Kanth Mamidipalli, B. Saraswathi, G. Swapna, Sujatha Asadi

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Research Article

A Clinical Study The Relation Of Right Atrial Volume Index With Chronic Systolic Heart Failure

Sougat Chakraborty, Hema Malathi, Rathindra Nath Karmakar, Subhasis Roy Chowdhury, Anindita Sinha Babu

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Research Article

Role Of High-Resolution Ultrasound In The Evaluation Of Peripheral Nerve Lesions

Anusha Bonala, K Srihari, Ayesha, Nagarjuna Raju S

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Research Article

Use Of Advancement/Local Flaps For The Treatment Of Severe Upper Extremity Burn Contractures- A Retrospective Analysis

Krishna Prasad Prusty, Potnuri Radhika

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Research Article

Analysis Of Caesarean Section According To Modified Robson’s Classification At Tertiary Health Care Center In Jammu And Kashmir

Virta Chauhan, Sajan Bijyal, Pooja Sharma

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Research Article

Research Article

Clinical Profile Of Hepatitis A And Its Complications In Children Aged Between 1-12 Years In Tertiary Care Centre

Mallesh Gampa, Murali Krishna Thummakomma, Malava Ranjeet, Vinodkumar Ravilala

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Research Article

Hand Hygiene: A Scholastic Intervention Projecting The Bottom Of Hierarchy Of Health Care Workers

Radhika Khare, Shilpa Tiwari, Rituraj Singh, Chandrabhan Singh Thakur, Nupur Chakravarty

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Research Article

A Comparative Study Of PCNL With Nephrostomy Tube Vs Tubeless PCNL

Shankaranolla Anand, B Santosh, DVS Ramakrishna Prasad, Vinay A, Yogesh, Karthik

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Research Article

Prophylactic Intramuscular Injection Of Oxytocin Vs Intravanous Infusion Of Oxytocin To Minimise Blood Loss At Caesarean Section

Kharibam Paikhomba Singh, Khaidem Mani Singh, Narendra Laishram, Hijam Apabi Singh

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Research Article

Clinico- Hematological Profile Of Children With Anemia At Tertiary Care Hospital, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Ravi Kanth K, P Raga Deepthi, Prathima Madamanchi, Jaya Kishan Chinthala

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Research Article

Effect Of Treatment Strategies On Igg Antibody Against Sars-Cov-2 Among Covid-19 Infected Health Care Workers In A Tertiary Care Center

S. Pavani, Ginnela Shruthi, Damarigidda Chanakya, V. Sudha Rani

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Research Article

Incidental Gall Bladder Cancer In Cholecystectomy Specimens: A Retrospective Study

Anita Omhare, Shilpi Singh, Neetu Purwar, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Jyotsna Khatri, Anil Kumar Garg

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Research Article

Kidney Injury Molecule 1 (Kim 1) And Neutrophil Gelatinase Associated Lipocalin (Ngal) As Predictive Diagnostic Markers Of Renal Dysfunction In Patients Undergoing Major Surgery

Phurailatpam Uma Devi, Lamabam Chanchal Chanu, Rajkumari Anupama, Suchitra Chongtham, Rajesh Waikhom

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Research Article

Research Article

Study Of Maternal And Perinatal Outcomes In Pregnant Women With First Trimester Vaginal Bleeding In Uttar Pradesh Population

Ambri Agarwal, Puja Jain Dewan

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Research Article

Utility Of Investigatory Workup In Seizures Of Children Age Between 1 Month To 5 Years A Hospital Based Prospective Study

Jayasri Gattamaneni, Rama Devi Kappa, Sunitha Pothala

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Research Article

Study Of Hypo-Pigmented Lesions In Paediatric Patients In Andhra Pradesh

S. Manikya Latha, Roshini Bhutapati

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Research Article

Research Article

Prevalence Of Diabetes In Patients Of Lichen Planus Of South Karnataka Population

Yogesh HR, Srinivas K

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Research Article

Comparative Study Of Antioxidants Vitamins And Enzymes In Alcoholic Liver Diseases In Karnataka Population

Ravi Krishna Ruttala, Renuprasad Chickmath

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Research Article

Assessment Of Clinical And Microbiological Profile Of Urinary Tract Infection Among Elderly Admitted To A Tertiary Care Hospital In Central Kerala

M. B. Divya, K.G. Chithira, A.M. Remya, Divya Suguna Jayakar

Page No: 109-112 | Full Text


Research Article

Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Contraception In Rural Kashmir

Shaheera Ajaz, Tanzeela Nazir, Syed Nawaz

Page No: 113-116 | Full Text


Research Article

Assessment Of Profile And Outcome Of Childhood Tuberculosis Treated With Dots

Ankita Verma, Akhilesh Kumar

Page No: 117-119 | Full Text


Research Article

Assessment Of Caudal Levobupivacaine, Tramadol And A Combination Of Both In Paediatric Inguinal Hernia Surgeries

Vivek Vaibhav, Niyati Sinha, Abhishek Bhardwaj, Himanshi Solanki

Page No: 120-123 | Full Text


Research Article

A Prospective Study Of Intrathecal Chloroprocaine For Perianal- Daycare Surgeries

Neela Sandeep Kumar, Pakala Swathi, Vuppu Bhavani, Thatipamula Nagapraveen

Page No: 130-135 | Full Text


Research Article

Incidence And Prevalence Of Gall Bladder Carcinoma In North Indian Population

Mohd. Anwar, Priya Singh, Sachin Kumar, Sharique Ahmad, Parul Gupta, Saba Naziya

Page No: 136-140 | Full Text


Research Article

To Correlate The Expression Of CD97, CD55 & CCK-AR With Grade And Stage Of Gallbladder Cancer

Mohd. Anwar, Priya Singh, Sachin Kumar, Sharique Ahmad, Parul Gupta, Saba Naziya

Page No: 141-147 | Full Text


Research Article

The Role Of Polymorphisms Genes Hla (DRB1, DQB1) In Hypothyroidism Patients

Arun Mishra, Bijay Kumar Mahaseth, Jaswant Kaur, Chandana Bera, Dhiraj Mahaseth, Ashish Kumar Sharma

Page No: 148-151 | Full Text


Research Article

A Retrospective Study On The Health- Related Quality Of Life In Post Tubercular Patients Using Sequential Physical Check- Up And Imaging Methods Periodically

Vijay Kulshrestha, Virendra Singh, Puran, S Kumar

Page No: 152-156 | Full Text


Research Article

Role Of Multidetector Computed Tomography (MDCT) In-Evaluation Of Bronchogenic Carcinoma With Histopathological Correlation

Puneeth Kumar, Pradeep K, Sujit Maheshwari

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Research Article

Research Article

Study Of Correlation Between Obesity (BMI>25) And Fasting Blood Sugar In Young Individuals At A Tertiary Hospital

Mohsin Mohammed Bava, Roshan M, Nithasha N H

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Research Article

Influence Of HIV On Neurocognitive Performance And The Role Of CD4 Count In Cognitive Impairment

M. B. Abdul Rahuman, Devaraja Sivalingam, L. Sriram, M. Seenivasan, Anantha Krishna Kumar

Page No: 169-174 | Full Text


Research Article

Phenotypic Characterization And Antifungal Susceptibility Pattern To Fluconazole In Candida Species Isolated From Vulvovaginal Candidiasis In A Tertiary Care Hospital

Shah Harshad, Srivastava Ritu, Chauhan Prasad Surendra

Page No: 175-179 | Full Text


Research Article

To Study The Diameters Of Mediolateral, Anterioposterior And Area Of Jugular Foramen Of Dry Skulls

Vimal Modi, Yelpula Jyoti, Pawan Kumar Mahato

Page No: 180-184 | Full Text


Research Article

Analyse The Differentiation In The Lengths Of Humerus For Sexual Dimorphism

Pawan Kumar Mahato, Jayasree Chada, Monali Hirwarkar

Page No: 185-187 | Full Text


Research Article

The Impact Of Social Media On Management Of Acne: A Survey From Central India

Manoj Kumar Agarwala, Akhilesh Shukla, Rohal Chandrakar, Riddhi Arora

Page No: 188-190 | Full Text


Research Article

Clinical Profile In Patients With Acute Kidney Injury– A Prospective Study

Umamaheshwari S, Hally Karibasappa, Raghavendra F N, Veena G

Page No: 191-194 | Full Text


Research Article

A Study Of Mri In “Cerebral Venous Thrombosis”

Supraja Bingi, Swathi Muthyala, Priyanka, D Sandhya Rao

Page No: 195-199 | Full Text


Research Article

Perspective Study Of Urinary Tract Infections In Infants With Acute Fever In South Karnataka


Page No: 200-203 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Ct Severity Index In Covid-19 Patients In Tertiary Care Hospital Of Maharashtra

Praveen Subhash Chabukswar

Page No: 204–207 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Management Of Un-Descended Testes In Children Of Odisha

Sunil Kumar Habada, Swayang Prava Pradhan, Abhishekh Patra

Page No: 208-210 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparative Study Of Efficacy Of Topical Permerthin 5% V/S 1% Topical Ivermectin In The Treatment Of With Scabies

Srinivas K, Yogesh HR

Page No: 211-214 | Full Text


Research Article

Assessment Of Olfactory Fossa Depth On Computed Tomography In Adults In A Tertiary Care Hospital In India

Shilpa D, Mohammed Ismail, Pavan Kumar

Page No: 215-218 | Full Text


Research Article

Evaluation Of Thyroid Lesions By Radio-Cytopathologic Correlation In A Tertiary Care Centre

T R Rashmikumari, Shweta S Kollur, Aditi Raj, Shilpa D

Page No: 219-221 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparison Of Pre-Emptive Paracetamol-Diclofenac And Paracetamol –Tramadol Combination On Postoperative Pain After Elective Abdominal Surgery Under General Anaesthesia

Veeresh Kumar Angadi, Kiran KN, Jayalaxmi, Raghavendra PG

Page No: 222-225 | Full Text


Research Article

Research Article

Imaging Spectrum Of Intracranial Manifestations Of Covid-19 Associated Rhino-Orbito-Cerebral Mucormycosis: A Study Of 35 Patients

Vijaypavan Kumar D, Srinivas, Pavani, N Anil Kumar3, Raziq, Pranaya, Purushotham

Page No: 229-234 | Full Text


Research Article

Paramedian Epidural With Midline Spinal In The Same Intervertebral Space: An Alternative Technique For Combined Spinal & Epidural Anaesthesia

Debadas Biswal, Ch. Satyaranjan Samal, Shibanee Jena, Ankita Yashaswini, Anita Oram

Page No: 235-239 | Full Text


Research Article

Pattern Of Hematological Diseases Diagnosed By Bone Marrow Examination In A Tertiary Care Hospital

Megha Bansal, NikhileshKumar, Honey Bhaskar Sharma, Ritu Sharma

Page No: 240-243 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Comparing Bupivacaine Alone And Bupivacaine With Dexmedetomidine For Postoperative Analgesia During Caesarean Section Under Spinal Anaesthesia

Yogesh Tilkar, Shailendra Dawer, Ranjita Aske Dawer, Sachin Kumbhare

Page No: 244-250 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparative Study Of Primary Asarp With Staged Asarp With Protective Colostomy, In Female Patients With Vestibular Fistulas

Vikram Dantoori, K. V. Sathyanarayana, M. Santhi, Mandakini K.T

Page No: 251-255 | Full Text


Research Article

Prevalence Of Obesity Among Adolescent School Children In Rural And Urban South Odisha

Srabani Pradhan, Siba Shankar Beriha, Subodha Kumar Patjoshi, Sanjeev Supakar

Page No: 261-265 | Full Text


Research Article

Study Of Predictive Values Of Alvarado Scores, Serum C-Reactive Protein And WBC Count In The Diagnosis Of Acute Appendicitis In Odisha Population

Sunil Kumar Habada, Abhishekh Patra, Swayang Prava

Page No: 266-269 | Full Text


Research Article

Effectiveness Of Probiotics

Nancy Aggarwal, Supriya Raghav, Ashwariya Ohri, Sana Alam

Page No: 270-274 | Full Text


Research Article

Incidence Of Rifampicin Resistance Among Tuberculosis Patients In A Tertiary Care Centre Of Koppal District

Krishnakumar Naik, Srinivas Jutur, Shivaprasad T, Umesh Rajoo, Gavishiddesh Vishwanath Ronad

Page No: 275-277 | Full Text


Research Article

Assessment Of Efficacy Of Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises On Quality Of Life In Patients With Vestibular Disorders

Varun Singh, Nitin Tomar, RituGaur

Page No: 278-280 | Full Text


Research Article


C Mamatha Reddy

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Research Article