Issue: 2022- Volume: 4 Issue: 2 :


Year : 2022 – Volume: 4 Issue: 2


Research Article

The Effect of Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes on Renal Development in Different Development Periodshttp

Demet Bolat, MunevverBaran, Arzu Yay

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Research Article

Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle and Physical Activity in Gaming Disorder

Ozge Goktepe, Menekşe Ulger, Rumeysa Goc, Munevver Baran, Esra Balcıoglu1, Demet Bolat, Arzu Yay

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Research Article

Use Of Blood And Blood Products In Gynecological Cases: A Tertiary Care Center Experience

Begum Kurt, Caglar Yildiz

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Research Article

Endometrium Cancer Detection with ConvNet

Dilek Erdem, Mete Yildirim, Ali Buhur

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Research Article

Dose-Dependent Antinociceptive Effects of Tramadol Over Time and Contribution of Noradrenergic, Serotonergic, and Opioidergic Receptors

Mehmet Sari, Ipek Duman, Sengal Bagcı Taylan, Ates Duman

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Research Article

A Retrospective Investigation of the Hard Palate Morphometry with 416 Cone-Beam CT Images

Kadir Kaplanoğlu, Gülru Esen, Tayfun Servi

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Research Article

Patient-Centered Communication in Pharmacy Practice*

Bülent Kıran, Özgecan Gül Hızal, Elif Gizem Karaca

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Research Article

Acute Effects of Dynamic Taping on Pain, Range of Motion and Proprioception in Patients with Subacromial Impingement Syndrome

Hanım Eda Göktaş, Seyit Çitaker, EcemDemir Yurtsever

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Research Article

A Bibliometric Analysis of Urticaria Publication Trends During 1970-2021

Mustafa Tosun

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Research Article

Research Article

Histopathological Analysis Of Oral Cavity Lesions

Hüseyin Günizi, Özlem Ceren Günizi

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Research Article

Prevalence and Associates of Restless Legs Syndrome in a Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic: A Single-Center Study

Nuryil Yilmaz, Burhanettin Cigdem

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Research Article

Ellagic Acid Exerts Apoptotic and Antiangiogenic Activity on Human Intestinal Cancer (Caco-2) Cell Line

Mehmet Ali Kisacam

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Research Article

Evaluation of Smoking and Passive Smoking in Pregnant Women Applying to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Polyclinic in Sivas

Sinan Çoşkun, Savaş Karakuş, Yeltekin Demirel, SanemNemme ziKaraca

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Research Article

Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle and Physical Activity in Gaming Disorder

Cagtay Maden, Kezban Bayramlar

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Research Article

The Role of Aquaporins in Sinonasal Mucosa Physiopathology

Yücel Kurt

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Research Article

Sharing and Caring of the Airway in the Interventional Rigid Bronchoscopy- A Case Report

Manisha Manohar, Nitu Yadav, Preeti Gehlaut, Ivneet Kaur, Ruchika Singhmar, Aakanksha

Page No: 78-80 | Full Text


Research Article

Damage Control Orthopaedics; First and Final Use of External Fixators

Anil Kumar Singh, HariKripal Singh Tanwar, Vipul Kumar, Satya Phanindra, Gaurav Jain, Lalit Kumar, Arvind Mogha

Page No: 81-89 | Full Text


Research Article

Laproscopic Cholecystectomy in Cirrhosis Patients: 2 years’ Experience in a Tertiary Centre. A Retrospective Cohort Study

Nitin Rastogi, Abhishek Dhwan, Naveen Kumar Singh

Page No: 90-94 | Full Text


Research Article

Intranasal Dexmedetomidine and Oral Midazolam in Pediatric Dental Patients as Premedication Under General Anaesthesia

Gagandeep Singh, Swati Trivedi, Ashutosh Singh, Bhaskar Dutt, Praveen Kumar, Nitish Kumar Parmar, Vivek Tyagi

Page No: 95-99 | Full Text


Research Article

Assessment of female genital tuberculosis and Infertility

Shilpi Singh

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Research Article

Effect Haloperidol and Olanzapine Alone and in Combination with Ofloxacin in the Experimentally Induced Seizures

M. Rajesh

Page No: 103-106 | Full Text


Original Research Article

Cardiac Manifestations in Alcoholic Liver Disease

Salam Kenny Singh, L. Romesh Sharma, Linda Marangmei, Dipendra Oli

Page No: 107-110 | Full Text