Cutaneous Hemangioma: Our Experience Over 8 Years and Literature Review

Author : -Zeynep Bayramoglu, Ayse Nur Ugur Kilinc, Yasar Unlu
Number of pages : 291-295


Hemangiomas are common benign vascular tumors. Clinical history, physical examination and imaging methods if necessary are generally used for the diagnosis. Excision and pathologic examination are performed if necessary. While most of the cases are treated without any problems it is important that some cases are malignant and that some cases are associated with syndromes. A total of 296 patients who were diagnosed with cutaneous hemangioma at our hospital between 2010 and 2018 were included in the study. Out of 296 patients in total, 152 were female and 144 were male. Of these patients, 128 were diagnosed with lobular capillary hemangioma, 41 with sinusoidal hemangioma, 3 with epithelioid hemangioma, 1 with microvenular hemangioma, 1 with hobnail hemangioma, 1 with angiokeratoma, 1 with spindle cell hemangioma, and 1 with tufted hemangioma. As 119 patients underwent only incisional biopsy no subtyping could be done. Hemangiomas are common benign vascular tumors with 14 different subtypes. We analysed our 296 patients with rare subtypes with literature review.


Hemangioma, Benign Vascular Tumor, Angiosarcoma, Skin Tumor

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