Evaluation of Blood Transfusion in Elderly Patients with Hip Fractures Treated with Modular and Monoblock Partial Prosthesis

Author : -Abdulkadir Sari, Yasar Mahsut Dincel, Mehmet Umit Cetin, Erdem Can, Seyran Kilinc, Burak Kaval, Burak Gunaydin, Mekkedin Morina
Number of pages : 267-272


Hip fractures significantly increase mortality and morbidity in the elderly. Among the perioperative disorders affecting mortality, anemia is the most common. This study aims to evaluate perioperative anemia and blood transfusion in its treatment in patients who have undergone monoblock and modular hemiarthroplasty due to proximal femur fracture. Elderly patients who underwent cementless monoblock (n = 38) or modular (n = 58) hemiarthroplasty operation due to proximal femoral fracture were evaluated. Hemoglobin, hematocrit values, ​​and blood transfusion amounts were evaluated at the time of hospitalization, before and after the surgery. The relationship between anesthesia type, gender, age, and perioperative anemia - blood transfusion amounts was investigated. Although there was no significant difference between the perioperative anemia status and blood transfusion amounts between the two groups, the mean amount of blood transfusion in the monoblock prosthesis group was higher (1.95 versus 1.48 units). It was observed that anesthesia type, gender, and age did not differ significantly in terms of anemia and blood transfusion amounts. It was observed that the number of patients transfused and the amount of transfusion was significantly higher in the post-operative period and the most transfused amount during the operation was 2 units. In elderly trauma patients undergoing monoblock and modular hemiarthroplasty, anemia frequently progresses during the period until surgery and after surgery. With close monitoring of pre-operative blood values, consideration of blood transfusion in the preoperative period, and operation preparation with 2 units of erythrocyte suspension can be recommended.


Monoblock hemiarthroplasty, modular hemiarthroplasty, blood transfusion, intertrochanteric femur fractures, femur neck fractures.

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