Attitudes of Healthcare Workers Towards COVID-19 and Affecting Factors

Author : -Yaşar Demir, Pınar Oruç, Saliha Özpınar
Number of pages : 261-266


The COVID-19 outbreak, which was first reported in December 2019, has affected the whole world. The first case in Turkey was confirmed on March11, 2020. Healthcare workers fight at the frontline against this virus with intense infectivity and are the occupational group under the highest risk. 7.428 health workers were infected in Turkey in late April 2020. Anxiety levels of healthcare workers have increased due to this high risk exposure. The aim of this study is to examine the attitudes of healthcare workers towards COVID-19 and the affecting factors. The study is cross-sectional. The study population consists of the healthcare workers working in the province of Samsun (N = 11926). The sample size of the study was determined as 370 people within the 5% margin of error and 95% confidence interval. The study data were collected between April 1, 2020 and April 30, 2020. Questionnaires were used as a data collection tool in the study. The questionnaire consists of two parts. The first part includes descriptive questions to determine individual characteristics. The second part is the covid attitude survey created by reviewing the literature. Descriptive statistics, Student’s t test and One-Way Anova were used to evaluate the data. The age distribution of the participants is 34.81 ± 8.54. In the study, it was determined that gender, marital status, title, working year, having children or not, chronic disease status, and health and life satisfaction were the factors affecting the attitude towards Covid-19 (p <0.05). It was ascertained that the COVID-19 attitudes of women, those who were still married, midwives, those who had been working for 11-20 years, those with children, those with chronic diseases, and those with a poor health perception and life quality were more negative compared to others. COVID-19 causes especially healthcare workers to become concerned both for themselves and their relatives since it is an unrecognized infection and easily transmitted. It might be important to follow different strategies particularly for healthcare workers who are married, have children and have health problems.


Healthcare Workers, COVID-19, Attitude

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