2D:4D Ratio and Sex Role Orientation in Physical Education Prospective Teachers

Author : -Ökkeş Alpaslan Gencay, Seda Avnioğlu, Ertugrul Gencay
Number of pages : 210-214


The length of the 2nd and 4th fingers (2D:4D) is related to numerous sexually dimorphic behavioral and physiological states. Finger lengths vary in males and females and the male 2D:4D average is than the female 2D:4D. Evidence has been found in recent studies reflecting that the lengths of the second and fourth fingers correlate negatively with prenatal testosterone and positively with prenatal estrogen. The study aims to examine the correlation between the sex role of the physical education prospective teachers and the ratio of the second and fourth fingers (2D:4D). In this study, the 2D:4D ratio was measured on samples consisting of 105 female and 65 male university students. Participants were given and completed the Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI). It has been found that low 2D:4D ratios in males significantly correlate to high masculinity type tendency scores on the BSRI, and that the 2D:4D ratio in females is not a determinant of femininity or masculinity type personality-based sex role identities. This study revealed that the BSRI and the 2D: 4D ratio differed by sex roles in males and 2D:4D ratio for males can be considered as an indicator of tendency towards masculinity type personality.


2nd:4th digit ratio; sexual dimorphism; sex role

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