Lazaroid U-74389G Decreases Testis Tissue Injury Induced by Testicular Torsion Detorsion: An Experimental Study

Author : Mustafa Can Güler - Ayhan Tanyeli, Ersen Eraslan, Fazile Nur Ekinci Akdemir
Number of pages : 96-100


It was mapped out to search the potential useful features of Lazaroid U-74389G (Laz) on bilateral testicular torsion detorsion injury in rats. 24 Wistar male rats were allocated to 3 groups. Groups of this research were designed as sham, torsion detorsion (T/D), and T/D+Laz (T/D+10 mg/kg dose of Laz) groups. TOS, MDA and OSI levels, MPO activity raised significantly in testicular torsion detorsion group compared to sham group in testes tissues (p<0.05). However, SOD and TAS values reduced in T/D group. On the contrary, SOD level increased while MPO activity, TOS, OSI and MDA levels decreased meaningfully due to Laz treatment (p<0.05). As a conclusion, Laz demonstrated an effective protection against testicular T/D-induced testis injury in experimental rats.


Lazaroid U-74389G, Testicular Torsion Detorsion, Testis, Rat.


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