Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum and Calcinosis Cutis

Author : Rukiye Yasak Güner - Yusuf Cihan Dirim, Melih Akyol, Ömer Fahrettin Göze
Number of pages : 184-186


Pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE) is a genetic and multi-systemic disease characterized by the pathological calcification of elastic connective tissue. Its incidence in women is higher and is mostly inherited as autosomal recessive. It has been shown that the mutation in ABCC6 gene coding the transmembrane transport protein plays a role in the development of PXE. Generally, the first finding is asymptomatic skin involvement and also multisystemic involvement such as eye, cardiovascular system, central nervous system, peripheral veins, and gastrointestinal system can be observed. Even though the pathological calcification seen in the elastic connective tissue is histopathologically observed, it is quite rare to monitor clinically the calcinosis cutis lesions on the skin. In the present case, this rarely seen co-existence is present and this case report was represented in order to contribute to the literature


Pseudoxanthoma elasticum, calcinosis cutis


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