Investigation of the Curative Effect of Urapidil on Intestinal Inflammation and Oxidative Damage: An Experimental Study

Author : Ayhan Tanyeli - Derya Guzel Erdogan, Deniz Ozturk, Selim Comakli, Huseyin Baylan, Elif Polat
Number of pages : 66-71


The antioxidant effects of urapidil were investigated histopathologically and biochemically on the intestinal tissue that underwent ischemia-reperfusion injury. 40 Wistar albino female rats were divided into sham operation (Group 1), ischemia-reperfusion (Group 2), ischemia-reperfusion plus dimethyl sulfoxide (Group 3), ischemia-reperfusion plus urapidil 0,5 mg/kg (Group 4), and ischemia-reperfusion plus urapidil 5 mg/kg (Group 5). All rats except group 1 had 1h ischemia followed by 2h reperfusion to investigate the effects of urapidil through TAS, TOS, MDA, MPO, SOD, NF-κB, caspase-3, and LC3B. In terms of immunohistochemical staining with caspase 3, NF-κB and LC3B there was a statistical difference in group 1 compared with other groups (p <0.05). A statistically significant difference of MDA levels was only found between the treatment groups (groups 4 & 5) and Group 3. We suggest that urapidil decreases the oxidative damage in ischemia-reperfusion injury on the intestinal tissue of rats as a probable antioxidant.


Urapidil, intestinal injury, ischemia-reperfusion, oxidative stress, rat


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