Investigation of Stress Levels in Infertile Women under in Vitro Fertilization Treatment: An Observational Pilot Study
İn Vitro Fertilizasyon (Tüp Bebek) Tedavisi Gören İnfertil Kadın Bireylerde Stres Seviyelerinin İncelenmesi: Gözlemsel Pilot Bir Çalışma

Author : Habib Erensoy -Can Karpat
Number of pages : 50-56


In recent years, it has been observed that the infertility rate has increased progressively in our country as well as all around the world. Infertility has negative impacts both physiologically and psychologically on infertile women. The most common psychological effect is stress and stress levels vary among patients. With the help of assisted reproductive techniques developed to find solutions to infertility and to aid individuals to reproduce, the patients with infertility are able to have children. This study investigates stress in infertile women who undergo in vitro fertilization treatment. 63 infertile women were included in this study. All of the participants were women over the age of 18. Sociodemographic Information Form and the Fertility Problem Stress Scale were administered to all of the patients of our study. 42.9% of the participants were employed, and 17.5% of the total group stated that they had a satisfying economic status. The rate of the participants who are married for 5 years or more was 71.4%. 34.9% of these women had been receiving infertility treatment for 5 years or more. The rate ofinfertility due to female factors was 79.4%. More than half of the women (50.8%) underwent IVF treatment. When the correlations between the subscale and the total scale scores of the “The COMPI Fertility Problem Stress Scale" were examined, there were positive, moderate-good, statistically significant correlations between all subscale scores (p <0.05). There were positive, good and statistically significant correlations between all subscale scores and total scale scores (p <0.05). As a result of these findings we can conclude that there is an increase in stress levels of women who are undergoing IVF treatment. Based on these findings we can suggest those women who are undergoing IVF treatment to seek Psychological support before, during and after the treatment period.


Infertility, In Vitro Fertilization, Stress

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