Horizontal Augmentation of Alveolar Crest with Onlay Graft: A Case Report

Author : -Esra Mavi, Şükrü Kolay
Number of pages : 320-324


Dental implant is an important material used in aesthetic and functional restoration of missing teeth from past to present. However some conditions must be favorable for this treatment. The main one is that the vertical and horizontal volume of the alveolar crest has sufficient height and width to place the dental implant in the proper position. Although many techniques and materials are used while augmenting alveolar crest deficiencies, autogenous grafts remain the gold standard. In this article, we aimed to present the implant placement and prosthetic restoration step by step after the rehabilitation of an inadequate alveolar crest with a corticocancellous block graft taken from the symphysis region of the mandible in a young female patient who lost her teeth due to the failure of the apical resection treatment to the teeth numbered 11 and 21.


Autogenous bone graft, onlay graft, horizontal crest augmentation, mandibular symphysis

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