Akneiform Eruptions on the Body

Author : Rukiye Yasak Güner - Ahmet Kozan, Sibel Berksoy Hayta, Ömer Fahrettin Göze
Number of pages : 187-188


Acneiform eruptions are always confusing. Sometimes physician can have trouble diagnosing. Lupus miliyaris disseminatus fascia (LMDF) is also called acne agminata, Lewandowsky’s rosacea-like tuberculid, micropapular tuberculid, lupoid rosacea, acne and facial idiopathic granulomas. MDF lesions are mostly presented on the face and extrafacial involvement is rare. We here present a case of patient with late diagnosed Lupus miliyaris disseminatus fascia. He had also extrafacial involvement such as regions were neck, trunk, and arms.


Acne, Lupus miliyaris disseminatus


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