Spectrophotometric Determination of Aluminum in Tap Waters with Dispersive Liquid–Liquid Microextraction
Dispersif Sıvı Sıvı Mikro Ekstraksiyon Yöntemi ile İçme Sularında Alüminyumun Spektrofotometrik Tayini

Author : Tulay Oymak
Number of pages : 14-18


In spite of substantial technological advances in analytical field, most instruments cannot directly handle complex sample matrixes yet. As a result, a sample-preparation step is commonly involved before instrumental analysis. In the proposed study, a new dispersive liquid liquid micro extraction (DLLME) method based on surfactantwas developed for the determination of Aluminum (Al) in tap water. The enrichment factor, limit of detection and relative standard deviation of the suggested method were found to be 10, 0.023 mg / L (n = 5, 3s / b), 97 ± 1.6, respectively. The affecting parameters on the optimal determination conditions such as pH, suitable extracting solvent and disperser solvent, volume of extracting solvent and disperser solvent and affects of diverse ions, were inverstigated. The method was successfully applied to drinking water. In order to test the accuracy of the proposed method, recovery studies was conducted on tap waters


Dispersive liquid liquid micro extraction, aluminum, UV-VIS spectophotomer


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